Summer Camp Offer of Participation Update

Thank you to all who have sent their responses to

An email confirmation with information has been sent to you.  Please check your spam/ junk email.  It is important to save as a contact to receive information in your inbox.

Please read the email that has been sent on 8 April 2020 carefully.  There are important information for you to know for the upcoming months.

If you have any questions, then please direct them to the email provided.


A friendly reminder to all who have received initial offers for summer training, your submission to accept or decline is due tonight.  Please refer to the initial summer camp offer (published on 10 March 2020) to see who has received an initial offer.  Submit your offer via photo or pdf attachment to

Please be advised, no response is an automatic declineEnsure both sections are filled correctly.  If both sections are not filled or an incomplete form will also lead to an automatic decline. No late submissions will be accepted.  A late submission will place the offer to the bottom of the wait-list.

If you have lost your initial offer, please send an email to the administration officer (see email above), you will receive further instructions.

Please do not ask when new offers will be offered.  We will keep everyone updated as much as possible.  Thank you.



CONGRATULATIONS! Please note the following dates do not include travel; therefore, anticipate at least two days of travel. It is mandatory to respond to the offers provided.  Submit your offer to Administration Officer ( on 7 April 2020Lack of response indicates no interest and the next cadet will be offered for summer training.  Physical copies/ offers have been delivered on 10 March 2020.  Please read the offer of participation carefully.  There are three sections that require signatures and information.  Lack of filled information will lead to an automatic no interest.  Upon acceptance of offer, more information will be given.

The following cadets have been selected for summer training (order of cadet training courses):

General Training (27 Jul to 31 Jul 20):

  • AC Hoang, R
  • AC Lee, E
  • AC Ou Yang, C
  • AC Shibu, S
  • AC Simbulan, J
  • AC Syer Little, J
  • AC Ung, T

Basic Aviation Course (6 Jul to 24 Jul 20):

  • Cpl Ajit, V
  • AC Lee, E
  • Cpl Gao, V
  • Cpl Yuen, O

Basic Aviation Technology & Aerospace (6 Jul to 24 Jul 20):

  • Cpl Dhaliwal, P
  • FCpl Fung, E
  • FCpl Ko, W
  • Cpl Yogeshwaran, A

Advance Aviation (6 Jul to 24 Jul 20):

  • FCpl Ho, G
  • FCpl Wong, S

Basic Fitness & Sports (6 Jul to 24 Jul 20)”

  • LAC Cheung, Z
  • Cpl Poon, S
  • Cpl Young, G
  • Cpl Zou, E

Fitness & Sports Instructor Course (6 Jul to 14 Aug 20):

  • FCpl Tam, M

Basic Drill & Ceremonial (6 Jul to 24 Jul 20):

  • Cpl Chen, A
  • Cpl Cheung, J
  • Cpl Hoque, A

Drill & Ceremonial Instructor (6 Jul to 14 Aug 20):

  • FCpl Parameswaran, T

Basic Survival (6 Jul to 24 Jul 20):

  • Cpl Fong, J
  • Cpl Gu, M
  • FCpl Pilapil, I
  • Cpl Pitos, J

Survival Instructor (6 Jul to 14 Aug 20):

  • FCpl Nong, D
  • FCpl Situ, M

Air Rifle Marksmanship Instructor (6 Jul to 14 Aug 20):

  • Sgt Luong, K

Military Band – Basic Musician (27 Jul to 14 Aug 20):

  • Cpl Liu, M

Military Band – Intermediate Musician (6 Jul to 14 Aug 20)”

  • FCpl Lee, K

Offers will still be offered throughout the summer, these are currently the initial offers.  Please do not inquire when offers will be provided.


Remembrance Day School Ceremony

As a cadet organization, we understand many schools would like to commemorate the fallen – the brave, our soldiers, who have given us the freedom we have today.  We acknowledge and are aware ceremonies are taken place throughout this week prior to Remembrance Day.

We ask for cadets who are partaking such ceremonies to contact us: and those who are requesting his/her student to partake in the ceremony for an approval.  A letter or email must be provided by the principal indicating date and time of the ceremony.  This will then need to be approved by our organization’s Commanding Officer (our principal).

Please be advised, cadets cannot and will not partake in any activity until a letter or email has been sent AND an approval has been made.

As an organization, we want to ensure the safety of our cadets within our community.  We need to ensure when a cadet is wearing his/her uniform, the cadet is held accountable under the protection within the school board and cadet organization.

Friendly Reminder (RE: Parent and Recruit Info Night)

To all newly recruits and parents, there is a mandatory parent and recruit information session tomorrow at 1900hrs (7pm). There are no exceptions.  Attendance will be taken. Failure to arrive, we will remove the applicant from the program.

Emails should have been sent for those who have missing information or what else is required to complete the applicant’s registration. Please check your spam or junk if you have not replied. It should say in the subject line “888 Air Cadets”  If you did not receive an email last week, then there are no complications.

We look forward meeting you! See you tomorrow!


To all newly registered cadets, welcome to 888 Avenger RCACS!  This is a new and exciting opportunity for the recruit and parents!

To ensure both members (the recruit and parent) are on the same page, it is mandatory for both the Parent and applicant to arrive at Walter Moberly Elementary by 1900 hrs (7:00pm) for a general meeting to understand more about the cadet program, our expectations with you and the recruit.  The meeting will start at 7 pm and should end around 8:30 pm (depending on the questions and answers).

Attendance will be taken at which failure to arrive, we will not register the applicant.

Please be advised there is a mandatory weekend training for all newly cadets held on Sept 28th AND 29th 2019.  These are both full day activities at which more information will be provided in the briefing.  Failure to attend to both these dates we will remove the recruit from the program – there is no exception for this

If you have any questions or concerns regarding your attendance at the Parent Info Night, please email to  Again, we cannot make any accommodations if you cannot make Sept 28 and 29th 2019.


For returning cadets:  Attendance will be taken on Battle of Britain and on the second night of training: 17 Sept 2019. If your name has not been called it is because you have been struck off strength / removed from the program. There has been countless notifications and opportunities to inform staff.

For newly cadets:  Welcome aboard! If there are missing items because you may have simply forgotten it during registration, you should have received an email from Lt Tse, B regarding what items to bring the following week! Again failure to do so, we will not fully register the applicant. Please check your email (look in your junk/spam if needed) from
For cadets who still want to join:  Last day of registration will be on 17 Sept 2019 from 6:45 to 7:45pm. Please visit our Recruiting page for details.


With countless notifications through Facebook: prior to registration night, and daily/weekly posts; Squadron website: announcements page; and last week’s training night, verification for returning cadets is over.

There has been enough warnings to inform you about when registration nights occur.  Information of both cadet AND parent/guardian should attend as new forms are to be filled.  With enough warning and information, please see the link below for the following cadets who will be Struck Off Strength Cadets – meaning getting removed from the program – effective immediately on September 12, 2019.

Need an exemption?  Please email ASAP where a terms of conditions will be applied.

Why the urgency and change of procedure?  This should have always been the procedure; however, with change in position, procedures are in effect.  The procedures are to ensure safety for cadets who are attending training nights and activities, fairness for all cadets who have arrived to register, and are well accounted for their training credits.

Administration Update

Hello cadets and parents!  Thank you for those who have cooperated kindly on our first registration night!  I understand how dreadful it was to wait; however, I hope the process was smooth and easy to follow.

Please be advised that there has been an email sent by  As information has been verified that evening, it was thoroughly verified during the reactivation of the cadet’s account.   Some information has been missed or some clarification is required.  Please check your SPAM/JUNK as it may appear in that file.  The title of the email should state: “888 Avenger Cadets Registration Information: Action Required (Please Read)”  It is a generic email where your emails has been covered so others do not see for your confidentiality.  There are specific instructions for you in this email.

If you did not receive this email, then do not worry.  The administration team is currently working on getting your files reactivated.  For those who did not show up this past Tuesday,  September 10, 2019 is your last chance to reactivate your account before you will be taken off our system!  If you cannot come on Sept 10, 2019, please send an email to to explain your legitimate excuse.  Unfortunately, late emails or simply forgetting is unfair for those who have arrived to register his/her cadet.

Thank you for your cooperation and patience!

Registration for Returning Cadets

Registration has begun!  Please come in on 3 Sept 2019 to have your registration be verified.  Your last date will be 10 Sept 2019 by 2100hrs to verify your registration or else your application will be removed.  If you have a legitimate reason that you cannot attend to either dates, please send an email to to make arrangements.  Please be advised that simply forgetting is not an excuse.

Verification of your registration is important.  It informs the staff that you are going to participate again for the 2019-2020 training year.  Due to policy and safety of the cadet, we cannot allow cadets to participate in ANY cadet training and activities without verification.

For individuals who are reading this and is not part of the cadet program; however, would like to join.  Please head over to our Resources section and select Recruiting for more information.