For newly parents and interested applicants,

Recruiting for January 2020 will start on January 14 and 21 from 1845hrs (6:30pm) to 2000hrs (8:00pm).  Please keep in mind the applicant must be between 12-19 years of age.

Please watch the following video to guide you for what to expect during registration.  This video is to briefly go over what items you are required to bring and what forms you will be asked to fill.

The following forms are for applicants who have a severe allergic reaction, an anaphylaxis, to food and non-food properties:

Please have these forms readily available during the registration night.  Forms will also be available when you arrive.  Other medical forms will be expected of you to complete either the night of or the following week to submit.  A failure to do so, then the applicant will not be registered and cannot partake in any cadet training and activities.

Parent Information Night will be on January 28 2020 from 1900 (7:00pm) – 2100hrs (9:00pm).  It is mandatory for you and the applicant to show to fully register the applicant.  If you are unable to attend, then you must inform the staff; however, no attendance with no legitimate excuse prior to the event, we will not accept the applicant’s registration.

Recruit Training Weekend will be held on February 1 and 2nd 2020.  This two day mandatory activity will have more information given out on the Parent Info Night.  The applicant must attend to both days to consider continuing the cadet program.  Unfortunately, there is no exemption or excuses to miss this weekend training.  The applicant unable to attend will have to register for the 2020-2021 Training Year.

If you have any questions feel free to contact us at and we will attempt to get in contact with you soon.  We are excited to meet you, to join our unit and to participate in the program!

Frequently Asked Questions: Please head over to our link for more information.  There is also the Parent and Cadet Information Package that can help guide you and the applicant.