Squadron History

The national partnership between the Department of National Defense (DND) and the Air Cadet League of Canada (ACL) makes the Air Cadet Program is possible. The ACL provides funds for activities and aviation opportunities, essential elements to an exciting Air Cadet experience. It is at the local level that Cadet Instructors Cadre (CIC) Officers and Squadron Sponsoring Committee (SSC) collaborate to make this dynamic youth program a reality.

In 2009, the BC ACL and Regional Cadet Support Unit Pacific (RCSU Pac) discovered a need for a new Air Cadet squadron. They had received many queries about the South Vancouver area, as squadrons in the surrounding area were all running at, or over capacity.

Through strong community support provided by Mr. Mark Horne, the principal of Moberly Elementary School at the time, and Mr. Chris Fuoco, the community school coordinator for the area, the long search for a facility finally came to an end. They both jumped on board, providing the new squadron with a facility that we now call home.

Many hours of planning and preparation ensued, including canvassing local schools, and reaching out to understand the South Vancouver community. The squadron opened its doors in September 2009, with four cadets on parade!

A solid base was established after gaining support from The Lions Club, Army Navy Veterans Association, Royal Canadian Legion, Khalsa Diwan Society and British Columbia Regiment. With the help of these relationships we have created a promising long-lasting community program.

Today, 888 Avenger Squadron boasts an exceptional program which has far exceeded expectations for such a short time. With over 130 corps & squadrons, 888 is easily one of the five largest cadet groups in the province, has earned multiples titles including having the Top Air Cadet Drill Team in British Columbia and many top cadets, as well as hosting one of the largest Field Training Exercises in BC. 888 Avenger Squadron has certainly distinguished itself since being chartered in October 2010. With a diverse range of training activities we strive to continue developing current and future generations of youth leaders.

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