Please have a look at the Parent and Cadet Resource Guide! The attachment will help provide you a comprehensive note about joining the air cadet program and our unit. For updated information for the 2020-2021 training year, you can find important information and links here.

For an overall summary of what makes an excused absent valid, please the excused attendance notice.

Some general topics to summarize (more information in the document):

How old do I have to be to join?

You must be at least 12 years old to join. We are unable to add you onto our system until after your 12th birthday.

When will registration start? Can my son/daughter join at anytime?

Registration starts during the Vancouver School Board (VSB) school year.  Our unit has two registration intakes: September and January.

Due to a strict training timeline, your son/daughter cannot join anytime after September (for September intake) or January (for January intake). You will be given notice as to when will be the last registration date on the recruiting page.

Will joining in January affect my son/daughter’s training?

Joining in January will not delay the applicant’s training.  There will be packages and/or a series of weekends of which the applicant will have to attend to make up for the time they were not legible to join.

How much does it cost to join cadets?

The Squadron Sponsoring Committee charges a $200 registration fee to cover the cost of optional training activities within the squadron as well as the Air Cadet League annual assessment fee. Please talk to our staff if you have concerns regarding the cost. Uniforms are provided free of charge to cadets.

Will there be more activities that do not fall on Tuesday evenings?

Yes.  Every Tuesday night encompasses training that is tailored for your son/daughter’s age to learn about the program.   There will also be, however, training over the weekends (e.g. training seminars, gliding, power flying, camping trips, sports activities, competition, etc…) that will aid towards the applicant’s training.  These weekend training can vary from day to overnight stays.  These are mandatory in order to advance into the next level.

Furthermore, depending on whether your son/daughter has other interests (ie. teams), the applicant will have to attend to those nights that are not Tuesday evenings.

Will I have to prepare meals and transportation during these activities?

You will receive information whether you are to provide meals and/or transportation.  Generally, we expect cadets who arrive on Tuesday evenings to have meals and snacks prepared by the parent/guardian.

What do I do if I can’t make it to a parade/training day/night?

Contact your respective flight staffs or inform your section leader during the weekly call out.

What is considered an excuse on my attendance for training?

The cadet organization understands many youth members would like to be involved in many activities.  An excuse for the cadets’ attendance is based on whether the cadet’s well-being is capable of attending training.  It is, however, up to the cadet’s responsibility to catch up on what training has been missed. Most common excuses include:

– Being on medical leave (a valid physician’s note must be available);
– Education/ School trips lasting more than 2 days and affects training times (a valid proof of attendance/ participation must be presented); and
– Religious practices that conflicts training times (must inform at least 7 days prior to training date).

Other circumstances will need to be inquired; however, a response will be given to you if your request is not considered an excuse.

What happens if I do not show up for more than two weeks without a leave of absence?

The administration team will try to contact you by phone and email.  If there is no response regarding your absence, we will automatically de-activate your application.  De-activating your account means you have quit the program, where you are required to return your uniform and any supplies and/or instruments that were loan to you.

What is “leave” and how do I request it?

Leave is an authorized extended period of an excused absence.  If you are taking leave you must submit a leave request form that is available in the office. It must be signed by a parent/guardian.  Keep in mind, it will be the cadet’s responsibility to catch up on missed training.

Will this affect my chances for cadet opportunities (ie. promotions, cadet training centers, etc.)?

Taking leave or being away from training will affect the cadets’ opportunities.  Cadets who have attended training versus those who did not will be rewarded for their commitment and dedication to the organization.  Although the organization understands unplanned or planned leave/excuses, it will be unfair to reward an individual who has not been present for training when someone else has.

What do I need to know if I want to quit or transfer to another unit?

Come by the office on a Tuesday night with your issued uniform and any supplies and/or instruments that were loan to you. You will be given further instructions then.

If I transfer from a different unit to your unit will my cadet credentials be lost?

Whether if you are coming from a different unit and/or element, we will still accept you as a cadet, as long as you are in the ages between 12 to 18 years old.  You may; however, need to do an evaluation or remediation of training, especially if you are coming from a different element, which involves learning air cadet terminology (ie. rank structure), aviation topics that have been missed, and other training topics.  The Proficiency Level Officer and Training Officer will be able to provide more information at the time of training evaluation.

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