Ground School

Ground school will be held virtually for the 2020-2021 training year over Microsoft Teams. Register here!

When: Sunday & Wednesday Evenings starting at 7:30 pm
Date: October 14, 2020 – December 13, 2020
Duration: (2x 40 min lessons with a 5 min break in between)
Schedule: Full detailed schedule will be given to registered cadets

Where: Online MS Teams Meetings (Link provided to registered cadets)
Instruction: There will be presentations with active and engaged instruction
Attendance: Attendance will be recorded and taken. Your performance at your review boards will partially reflect on your attendance for PPS and GPS
Instructors: There will be a split ground school between 4 squadrons. There will be a total of 10 instructors including CV Darred

Assignment/Quizzes: There will be some quizzes and assignments and they will be mandatory, especially for GPS/PPS candidates
Resources/Practice Exams: Lots of resources/ practice exams, and PowerPoint slides will be provided

Entrance Exam Schedule: January 9th, 2020

Note that attendance to ground school isĀ mandatory for GPS/PPS applicants.

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