High School Credits

Did  you know that you can earn Grade 10, 11 and 12 High School Credits for being a cadet?

BC students who are members of the Sea, Army or Air Cadet programs are eligible for high school credits. This page was created to assist you in obtaining proof to provide your school, to earn the credits. Please review below or the reference for the specific criteria.

Excerpt of PRCI Policy

The BC Ministry of Education has approved certain Sea, Army and Air Cadet activities as External Youth Development Courses eligible for graduation credits. The BC Ministry of Education awards these credits based on their current requirements. 
Up-to-date information can be obtained on their website here.

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The BC Ministry of Education has authorized four (4) credits maximum for each of Grades 10, 11 and 12 as

Course Code / Course Title / Credits Earned:

  • UXCA 10 / Cadet 10 / 4
  • UXCA 11 / External Cadet 11 / 4
  • UXCA 12 / External Cadet 12 / 4

The following details the required training for each external cadet course for air cadets:

  • UXCA 10 (Cadet 10) – Successfully complete Level Three or succesfully complete a three-week Basic Specialty Training Course;
  • UXCA 11 (Cadet 11) – Successfully complete Level Four or successfully complete an Advanced Speciality Training Course; and
  • UXCA 12 (Cadet 12) – Successfully complete Level Five or successfully complete an Advanced Speciality Training Course.

Qualifying Basic Specialty Training Courses include:

  • Basic Drill and Ceremonial,
  • Basic Aviation,
  • Basic Survival,
  • Basic Fitness and Sports,
  • Basic Aviation, Technology and Aerospace,
  • Basic Musician – Military Band; and,
  • Basic Musician – Pipe Band.

Qualifying Advanced Specialty Training Courses include:

  • International Exchange,
  • Power Pilot Scholarship,
  • Glider Pilot Scholarship,
  • Advanced Aviation Course,
  • Advanced Aviation Technology Course – Airport Operations,
  • Advanced Aviation Technology Course – Aircraft Maintenance,
  • Advanced Aerospace Course,
  • Drill and Ceremonial Instructor Course,
  • Survival Instructor Course,
  • Fitness and Sports Instructor Course,
  • Air Rifle Marksmanship Course,
  • Military Band – Advanced Musician Course,
  • Military Band – Intermediate Musician Course,
  • Pipe Band – Advanced Musician Course; and,
  • Pipe Band – Intermediate Musician Course.
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