To all newly registered cadets, welcome to 888 Avenger RCACS!  This is a new and exciting opportunity for the recruit and parents!

To ensure both members (the recruit and parent) are on the same page, it is mandatory for both the Parent and applicant to arrive at Walter Moberly Elementary by 1900 hrs (7:00pm) for a general meeting to understand more about the cadet program, our expectations with you and the recruit.  The meeting will start at 7 pm and should end around 8:30 pm (depending on the questions and answers).

Attendance will be taken at which failure to arrive, we will not register the applicant.

Please be advised there is a mandatory weekend training for all newly cadets held on Sept 28th AND 29th 2019.  These are both full day activities at which more information will be provided in the briefing.  Failure to attend to both these dates we will remove the recruit from the program – there is no exception for this

If you have any questions or concerns regarding your attendance at the Parent Info Night, please email to  Again, we cannot make any accommodations if you cannot make Sept 28 and 29th 2019.

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