An alternative to overnight summer courses, the cadet program is offering a new in-person Cadet Activity Program (CAP) consisting of one-week serials of general cadet activities (Basic), Jr Drill & Leadership, Jr Marksmanship and Jr Fitness, and two-week serials of Sr Drill & Leadership, Sr Marksmanship and Sr Fitness & Sports.

Registration Form:

Further information regarding CAP details and course descriptions can be found in this Google Drive folder (also linked on the second page of the registration form).


Although we won’t be having any in-person summer training courses this year, many of the same courses are available online. Most courses are 6 weeks in duration and will run from 05 July-13 Aug 2021 with the exception of the Cyber Training and Basic Band courses.

Specific course information can be found at the following link:

Sign-ups are open now until 1200 hrs on 30 Apr 2021. Don’t delay – get your submissions in ASAP!

Virtual CAP Sign-Ups Now Open!

NEW for 2021: British Columbia Cadets has been hard at work preparing for the Cadet Activity Program (CAP) – a collection of locally and regionally delivered activities and training opportunities for cadets during the March Break!

Sign-ups are now OPEN for the Virtual CAP to cadets in levels 1 through 3. Click the link below or copy into your browser:

Annual Registration Day – 25 Oct 2020

Attention all cadets and parents:

At the beginning of every training year, we are required to have you fill out an Annual Validation Form to update your cadet’s information on Fortress. Typically the forms would go home with your cadet on one training night and be returned the next; however, as we are conducting our training online this year that will not be possible.

To facilitate this process with social distancing measures in place, we will be having an in-person registration process this coming Sunday (25 Oct). A schedule has been created with a 10-minute time slot for each cadet/sibling pair. In the interest of privacy, this schedule will not be posted publicly. It has been sent to your cadets via email – please ask them for the information if it has not been shared with you already.

Parents will show up, be given the forms to fill out on the spot and return it immediately. Please do make an effort to be on time, as tardiness will affect those scheduled after you!

With regards to our efforts in limiting the spread of COVID-19, we ask that only one parent per family show up to complete the forms. Cadets, please stay home, unless you are required to assist with translation. Hand sanitizer and gloves will be provided, but we recommend bringing your personal writing utensils for sanitary purposes. Face coverings shall be worn.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact our Administration Officer, 2Lt Lam at

Thank you for your cooperation and we look forward to seeing you Sunday!

Virtual Ground School 2020-2021

Hey Cadets,

We have officially set the date for our remote and virtual ground school beginning Wednesday Oct. 14, 2020! Ground School is available to all cadets! Whether you’re a GPS or PPS candidate preparing for the entrance exam, a AAC/BAC candidate wanting to prepare, or just want to learn more about aviation, then please sign up!

Registration is now open, so please visit:

Details regarding ground school will also be available in the link in the description of the page!

Questions? Email me!

Best, CV Darred
Flight Operations Officer

Welcome Back to the 2020-2021 Training Year!

Hello 888 cadets, and welcome back to the new 2020-2021 training year!

With the extraordinary circumstances of the COVID-19 pandemic, our staff has been working hard to adapt our training program in accordance with the rules and regulations set out by the National Cadet and Junior Cadet Rangers Support Group in Ottawa. Here is a letter from Maj Gee, A/J3 OIC (Lower Mainland) with further direction with regards to the virus:

As you may have seen with the news releases from Ottawa, we will be delivering our training online until further notice. Specific details with regards to access links, times and dates will come from your chain of command. In order to account accurately for the distribution of staff among various flights and levels, please fill out the following Google Forms NLT 11:59pm on 28 Sep 2020.

We look forward to seeing you again soon!

A Message from Capt Glaisher

Good Day 888 Avenger Squadron!

Effective September 01, 2020 you will have a new Commanding Officer taking over 888 Avenger RCACS; please welcome Capt Emily Lee!

As your outgoing Commanding Officer Capt A Lee Glaisher, I would like to thank the staff and cadets of this fine Squadron for sharing the exceptional adventure in the past 3+ years of my CO term.

I leave behind with fond memories. There may or may not be a ceremonial parade…depends on when we can get back to being able to return to “in person” status.

I will still be around to assist wherever the new CO needs me until my future transition to another unit.

Hope you all are safe and healthy and having a great summer.

Yours sincerely and fond regards,

Amelia YCL Glaisher, CD
Outgoing CO (888)

COVID-19 Update – All In-Person Activities CANCELLED until 31 Aug 2020

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to spread, the Commander of the National Cadet and Junior Canadian Rangers Program has issued an order to cancel all in-person activities until 31 August 2020. This will affect all local training activities as well as all summer training.

The announcement was posted on the Cadets Canada Facebook page earlier today. Please click on the following link to read the statement issued by BGen Cochrane:

To summarize, all cadet activities are stood down including summer camps for this training year. Level training will be advanced as completed for this year.

A letter will be forthcoming from the Regional Cadet Support Unit.

Be on the lookout for non-mandatory activities that will be fun and educational by virtual means.

Have a safe and healthy summer.


Capt A Glaisher

Commanding Officer

Sent on behalf of BGen D.B. Cochrane, Comd Natl CJCR Sp Gp // Envoyé au nom du Bgén D.B. Cochrane, Cmdt Gp S Nat CRJC





 Refs: A. CATO 14-06, Training or Recreational and Educational Trips

  1. CANFORGEN 039/20
  2. 3350-Op LASER 20-01
  3. CANCDTGEN 008/20
  4. CANCDTGEN 010/20
  5. CANCDTGEN 011/20
  6. CANCDTGEN 012/20
  7. CANCDTGEN 14/20

  1. In addition to direction delivered at refs D to H, Comd Natl CJCR Sp Gp has made the decision to cancel all in-person activities related to the Cadet and JCR programs through to 31 Aug 20. This includes, but is not limited to local training, corps and squadron trips, cadet summer training and activities, in-person training for Cadet Instructors Cadre officers, and, in coordination with the Canadian Army, the JCR enhanced training sessions.
  2. Cadets and Junior Canadian Rangers will not be penalized for missing the remainder of the 2019-2020 training year, and will be credited as having this year’s training completed.
  3. Our goal over the coming months is to focus and remain connected with the cadets. Staff at the corps/squadron level will be seeking, where possible, innovative and meaningful ways to connect with cadets virtually. We will seek to explore options for new experiences online and looking for alternatives to in-person training activities. Maintaining the link with our cadets and staff is a priority.
  4. For the summer, the Natl CJCR Sp Gp staff will begin planning to explore innovative ways to take advantage of this pause in training to implement new and exciting solutions for our program. You can expect to hear more about this in the weeks to come as we will be looking at options for alternative employment opportunities.
  5. The decision to cancel activities ensures the safety and security of everyone who participates in our programs and will ensure that the Cadet and Junior Canadian Rangers, like the Canadian Armed Forces, do not become a vector to spread COVID-19. It will also ensure that valuable resources, from medical support to facilities, can be made available to the CAF to assist Canadians when they need it the most.
  6. This was not an easy decision, nor was it made in isolation. The Command Team of the National Cadet and Junior Canadian Rangers Support Group have consulted with many advisors and stakeholders, and have been closely monitoring the actions of like-minded youth organizations.
  7. We understand many will be disappointed with this news. However, the strength and resilience of the men and women who not only support and lead this program, but also participate in it will prevail. This is our role to play in demonstrating leadership and citizenship in the face of adversity. Canada’s Cadets and Junior Canadian Rangers are all up for the challenge.
  8. The Natl CJCR Sp Gp continues to collaborate with the Department of National Defence and CAF as well as with other federal departments in order to maintain proper situational awareness on the COVID-19 situation in Canada and globally to synchronize interdepartmental response under the lead of Health Canada and the Public Health Agency of Canada. As a result, the situation is continuously being monitored and further decisions will be made on a case-by-case basis.
  9. Additional details related to the impact of this decision and way forward will be communicated to all in the weeks ahead.
  10.        All available and updated information for the Natl CJCR Sp Gp response to COVID-19 can be found on the CCO net at:http://collaboration.cco.nat/sites/NAT/SitePages/covid19.aspx​​​, DWAN:




Réfs: A. OAIC 14-06, Voyages à des fins d’instruction

  1. CANFORGEN 039/20
  2. 3350-Op LASER 20-01
  3. CANCDTGEN 008/20
  4. CANCDTGEN 010/20
  5. CANCDTGEN 011/20
  6. CANCDTGEN 012/20
  7. CANCDTGEN 014/20

  1. En plus des instructions données aux réfs D à H, le Cmdt du Groupe de soutien national aux cadets et aux Rangers juniors canadiens (Gp S Nat CRJC) a pris la décision d’annuler toutes les activités en personne liées aux programmes des cadets et des RJC jusqu’au 31 août 2020. Cela comprend, sans s’y limiter, l’entraînement local, nos activités et voyages des corps et escadrons, l’entraînement estival des cadets, la formation en classe des officiers du Cadre des instructeurs de cadets et, en coordination avec l’Armée canadienne, les sessions intensives d’entraînement des RJC.
  2. Les cadets et les RJC ne seront pas pénalisés pour avoir manqué le reste de l’année d’entraînement 2019-2020, et, à des fins d’instruction, nous considérerons qu’ils ont réalisé la formation de cette année.
  3. Notre objectif dans les prochains mois est de nous concentrer et de rester connectés avec les cadets. Le personnel au niveau des corps/escadrons veillera, quand possible, à trouver des façons innovantes et significatives de rester virtuellement connecté avec leurs cadets. Nous allons explorer des options pour de nouvelles expériences en ligne et pour des alternatives aux activités d’entraînement en-personne. Maintenir le lien avec nos cadets et le personnel est une priorité.
  4. Pour l’été, l’état-major du Gp S Nat CRJC débutera la planification pour explorer des moyens novateurs pour tirer avantage de cette pause de l’entraînement afin de mettre en œuvre de nouvelles solutions stimulantes pour notre programme. Attendez-vous à en savoir plus sur ce que cela peut signifier pour vous dans les semaines à venir alors que nous allons examiner des options pour des offres d’emploi alternatives.
  5. La décision d’annuler les activités est prise afin d’assurer la sécurité de tous ceux qui participent à nos programmes et fera en sorte que les cadets et les RJC, comme les Forces armées canadiennes (FAC), ne deviennent pas un vecteur supplémentaire de propagation de la COVID-19. Elle veillera également à ce que des ressources précieuses, allant du soutien médical aux installations, puissent être mises à la disposition des FAC pour aider les Canadiens lorsqu’ils en ont le plus besoin.
  6. Cette décision n’a pas été facile à prendre ni prise de manière isolée. L’équipe de commandement du Gp S Nat CRJC a consulté de nombreux conseillers et parties prenantes et a suivi de près les actions des organisations jeunesse similaires.
  7. Nous comprenons que beaucoup d’entre vous seront déçus par cette nouvelle. Cependant, la force et la résilience des hommes et femmes qui, non seulement soutiennent et dirigent ce programme, mais qui y participent aussi, prévaudront. C’est le rôle que nous devons jouer pour faire preuve de leadership et de civisme face à l’adversité. Les cadets et les Rangers juniors canadiens sont tous prêts à relever le défi.
  8. Le Gp S Nat CRJC continue de collaborer avec le ministère de la Défense nationale et les FAC ainsi qu’avec d’autres ministères fédéraux pour maintenir une bonne connaissance de la situation concernant la COVID-19 au Canada et dans le monde afin de synchroniser la réponse interministérielle sous la direction de Santé Canada et de l’Agence de la santé publique du Canada. Par conséquent, la situation est suivie en permanence et d’autres décisions seront prises au cas par cas.
  9. Davantage de détails sur l’impact de cette décision et sur la suite des choses seront communiqués au courant des prochaines semaines.
  10. Toutes les informations disponibles et mises à jour concernant la réponse du Gp S Nat CRJC à la COVID-19 sont disponibles sur le réseau CCO à l’adresse suivante :http://collaboration.cco.nat/sites/NAT/SitePages/covid19.aspx, DWAN :