Remembrance Day School Ceremony

As a cadet organization, we understand many schools would like to commemorate the fallen – the brave, our soldiers, who have given us the freedom we have today.  We acknowledge and are aware ceremonies are taken place throughout this week prior to Remembrance Day.

We ask for cadets who are partaking such ceremonies to contact us: and those who are requesting his/her student to partake in the ceremony for an approval.  A letter or email must be provided by the principal indicating date and time of the ceremony.  This will then need to be approved by our organization’s Commanding Officer (our principal).

Please be advised, cadets cannot and will not partake in any activity until a letter or email has been sent AND an approval has been made.

As an organization, we want to ensure the safety of our cadets within our community.  We need to ensure when a cadet is wearing his/her uniform, the cadet is held accountable under the protection within the school board and cadet organization.

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