With countless notifications through Facebook: prior to registration night, and daily/weekly posts; Squadron website: announcements page; and last week’s training night, verification for returning cadets is over.

There has been enough warnings to inform you about when registration nights occur.  Information of both cadet AND parent/guardian should attend as new forms are to be filled.  With enough warning and information, please see the link below for the following cadets who will be Struck Off Strength Cadets – meaning getting removed from the program – effective immediately on September 12, 2019.

Need an exemption?  Please email ASAP where a terms of conditions will be applied.

Why the urgency and change of procedure?  This should have always been the procedure; however, with change in position, procedures are in effect.  The procedures are to ensure safety for cadets who are attending training nights and activities, fairness for all cadets who have arrived to register, and are well accounted for their training credits.

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