Registration for Returning Cadets

Registration has begun!  Please come in on 3 Sept 2019 to have your registration be verified.  Your last date will be 10 Sept 2019 by 2100hrs to verify your registration or else your application will be removed.  If you have a legitimate reason that you cannot attend to either dates, please send an email to to make arrangements.  Please be advised that simply forgetting is not an excuse.

Verification of your registration is important.  It informs the staff that you are going to participate again for the 2019-2020 training year.  Due to policy and safety of the cadet, we cannot allow cadets to participate in ANY cadet training and activities without verification.

For individuals who are reading this and is not part of the cadet program; however, would like to join.  Please head over to our Resources section and select Recruiting for more information.

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